SAIBISA’s first child - Sweta : Years ago in Shirdi, Baba had given Di Jaan Jaya Wahi My Golden Pen, which marked the beginning of her journey as an author of Her Book... His Book... Sai Baba Is Still Alive.
And then... a few years ago , under His Wings... We, under our SAIBISA Trust launched our beautiful scheme... My Golden Pen... and decided that it was time the Pen wrote new destinies... got into tiny lil hands.

So we handed over, our first Pen to our first Girl Child.. Baby Sweta. Under the scheme, we decided to provide education to needy yet deserving girls... send them to best schools... and provide education at par with our own children.

Baby Sweta... daughter of a maid named Soni. Soni was all of 23 when she lost her husband. Three years ago when Sweta was brought under the fold of SAIBISA and was chosen as our first baby to get education, she was six and half years ... very bright in studies... though physically very weak due to lack of nutrition... she was still under the trauma of losing her father.

Sweta, along with Soni, reached Bengaluru in June 2015... to take her first steps towards her new life. A highly reputed Boarding School had been identified for her. Our Team had carried out several meetings with them to ensure Sweta's comfortable journey ahead. But the school suddenly withdrew admission 5 days after granting admission saying they were not equipped to handle her. We were in shock and disbelief. We fought for her Right to Education... but the school gave us a deaf ear.

Soni had fought with her in laws to send the baby from Delhi to Bengaluru and give her a beautiful life. She was a fighter herself and was working 18 hours a day to bring up her children... Sweta and Saket. Sending the baby back at this stage meant that she would probably never get another opportunity to good education. The truth was... We were lost. But then we had Baba on our side and we firmly believed that good can only beget good. So we didn't give up.

Baby Shweta was brought back home to her Local Guardians... Lakshmi and Srini... whom she had gelled with beautifully.The entire Bengaluru team got together and found a school for her..the very prestigious school Global School where Sweta received first three years of her academic education. The baby was in amazing love and care. Sweta became the star of every eye... All kids in the school treated her like a Little Princess.... And like our hearts... she won their hearts too.

After three years, we felt that Sweta is missing her mother and brother, the team again got together and with Baba’s grace, Sweta is now studying in the very esteemed G D Goenka Global School in Noida. She is blossoming every day and we are very sure she has a bright and a beautiful future ahead.

SAIBISA’s girls.. They are Survivors

She screamed for help..
She was ripped apart…
She was thrown to die…

SAIBISA’s little girl was raped at the age of 4 years and 4 months by a 55 year old beast. He raped the little one all night… tore her tiny body to bits and having satiated his beastly hunger... left her soaked in a pool of blood and escaped. Next morning, the police found her, declared her dead and handed over her battered body to the morgue… where the doctor on duty by sheer chance, discovered a faint pulse. God surely had a plan… the fighter was alive. Against the verdict of doctors, lawyers and the wise… Di Jaan Jaya Wahi embraced her has her own… She became SAIBISA’s baby.

She was expected to never walk normally. But today… about 4 years later… this child runs like a dream. 22 surgeries and 9 months that it took to put her hanging intestines back into her tiny body… couldn’t not break her spirit. She tops her class with 97 percent and is today an inter-school Gold Medalist in sports. SAIBISA’s babies are survivors. We don’t give up or give in!

Our other little girl was brutally raped by a neighbour when she went to ease herself. The barbarian monster mercilessly raped her all through the dark night. And then since he knew she had seen his face and recognized him, he crushed her face with a huge boulder. Yet again a battered body… in a pool of blood… thrown to die. Her tiny fingers mutilated by the hurt, her soul by the trauma… But Our girl survived and is now shining brighter by the day under the aegis of SAIBISA.

Di Jaan with Baby Sweta

Di Jaan with Baby Kusuma

* As Per POCSO regulations, pictures of sexually abused babies have NOT been used