Sai Baba Is Still Alive published by Times Group Books (The Times of India) is a book of miracles that devotees of Sai Baba have experienced in recent times. Ranging from simple yet heart-rending experiences to astounding life-saving ones, this book affirms the victory of faith over suffering, sorrow and even death, and at the same time reinforces the trust of Baba's devotees in His Eternal Soulful Presence. Interspersed with nuggets of Baba's teachings, excerpts from His life and replete with His quotes, this book is a handbook to everyday living as well as a guide to good Karma and a meaningful life. Whether you are a confirmed devotee of Baba Sai or on the path to discovering Him or simply curious, this book will delight and soothe you that in these testing times of uncertainty and stress, Sai Baba is still alive. The Book was declared a Best Seller within two months of its release and has found a spot in the Top 50 Amazon International Best Seller List. It has been released in Tamil, Kannada and Telugu and shortly the Hindi, Malayalam and German languages are slated for release.