A question may be asked here that if our today and tomorrow are dependent on infinite actions of our uncountable births, then are we not slaves bound by the limitations of our own past karmas? And if we are bound, then how can we transform our future for the better? If we are predestined to suffer due to past karmas, then what can we, meek human beings, do to bring about a change, in the future course of our lives?
“Stop worrying,” says Baba. “When I am here to guide you, why do you fear? I will wipe away the negative impact of all your past life karmas. You are my children and will I ever let your future be drowned in sorrow? No, I will not. So, I promise to amend your present and future but I can't do it without your help. All you have to do is think good thoughts, do good actions, feed the hungry and clad the naked. And I promise to take care of the rest. If you have wealth, feed as many as possible with as much as you can. But if you don't have enough or are living in scarcity, even then don't worry… share your little meal with the needy, just share or give away a few morsels of love, because little thoughtful acts have the power to eradicate uncountable negatives of past Karmas and replenish your dishes with abundance and your house with joy. So give, share and care and you will see happy miracles in your life each moment, each day.”
Baba continues with a smile, “Wealth should be the means to work out Dharma. If you have given it before you get it now. And give it now, if you want to receive it in your future. Give with love, with empathy, with joy. If the thought that accompanies an act of giving is positive, joyful and selfless, then the impact of such an act in the individual's life assumes unparalleled magnitude. The outcome becomes life-transforming. So give with love, with joy and with magnanimity. Give because you derive happiness from giving and not because you want to receive. You will receive in both cases, but when you give without being bound by the result or fruit of your actions, then the positive impact on your life is manifold, of what it would have been, had you given only to receive returns of such meaningful acts. The meaning is lost from the meaningful acts if demeaning limitations are attached to them. So, give. Charity in any form conduces to the donor's welfare. But the highest form of charity is the giving away of food. Feed the starving and I shall feed you for all your future births to come.”
Baba's words touch my soul. They are so powerful, so captivating. They remind me of Sudama's story. Sudama once lied to Lord Krishna when they were living together in their Guru Sandipani's ashram. Sudama ate the grams given by their Guru's wife all alone without sharing them with Krishna and told Him that the Mother had not given any grams to him at all. As a result of this act of eating alone, he lived in acute poverty for years to come. But when his wife cooked parched rice with lots of love for Lord Shri Hari and offered it to Him, He blessed them with a golden city in return. So making an offering of food is the highest form of charity. But just giving in the human form is not enough. First make an offering unto His divine feet, then serve others and finally serve yourself with it. Is He not with us at every moment, day or night? Then why starve Him? So first offer food to Baba, feed Him with love and then serve His children with it. Such food becomes nectar and contributes to the health and happiness of all those who partake of it. So let us make a promise, never to eat alone… to share with Baba and also with His children.
My life has been connected to the virtue of charity in a very divine, special way. ‘I am' because of ‘charity'. As strange as it may sound, I owe my very existence to this life-giving virtue. I can't help but become emotional even before I begin to narrate this story of my life. It is the story of why I am in this world today, despite the declaration by doctors and science that I would not be born at all… that my mother should not even attempt to conceive me... that even if she did conceive and if I were to be born, I would not survive. But I am very much here, alive and breathing, because dear God had different plans. 
Aum Sai Shri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai