Chapter : BABA'S STORIES AS DIVATYASThe truth is that I was so complete, so abundant inside, so incredibly topped right up to the brim with Baba's boundless love… that I desperately needed an outlet. If you keep pouring into a vessel, it has to finally overflow. Same was the case with me. Baba was, at every known moment, filling me up with His presence and reaching out to me with His never-ending love. I had no option but to share. And that is how this book happened… yes, it was never planned. Baba kept pouring into me and I kept pouring onto sheets of paper. Before I even realized, I had this book — this precious treasure grove of knowledge and wisdom — in my hands. The world thinks I have written a book… but only I know the truth. I am too petty and inconsequential for a task so enormous, so vast. Baba used me as an instrument of His love to create this book for His children. My hands did move but the words were Baba's. He smiled and my pen smiled; He narrated and my hand typed; He cried and I soaked the paper; He blessed and the book reached your hands. This book is, therefore, authored by Baba Himself. I am not even close to the speck of dust that once touched His feet. Then how could I write about the Lord God Himself? So, the credit and acclaim for writing this work must go to my Baba and Baba alone. His stories and teachings are like divatyas… inextinguishable candles that light up our lives and our path.
In my years of knowing Baba, I have experienced so many miracles of His love and kindness in my life and in the lives of those around me as well. We do call them ‘miracles' for the lack of a better word in language to describe them. But the more I understood Baba, the more inappropriate I found this word to be. I realized that the term ‘miracle' is truly hollow and very inapt in expressing Baba's blessings. What we term as ‘miracles' are not mere miracles but are deep, fulfilling experiences… they are reaffirmations that Baba is alive in our lives even today. Every time a devotee has called out with love, there has been a response. Baba's heart is soft as wax. He can't see His children in pain. And each time we call out His name with love, He rushes to help us, in the most astounding, unbelievable and inconceivable ways… and we call His love, kindness and care ‘Miracles'. 
In fact my ‘meeting' Baba was in itself a ‘miracle', woven around my life by His love. I use the word ‘meeting' though I never met Sai Babaji in His human form. Yet I have experienced every emotion, every smile, every teardrop and every blessing that I would have experienced had He been alive. Because with Babaji it just doesn't matter that He left His body almost a hundred years back; He is still alive in every possible, conceivable manner. I can see Him, feel Him, talk to Him, smile at Him and see Him smile back at me. He holds my hand and leads me on… every moment, every day. And on days that are tough, paths that are laden with thorns, He carries me in His Holy Arms and wipes away all my fears. He is my strength, He is my wisdom, He is my soul, He is my all. And trust me, not just me but every devotee of Babaji would have experienced this bliss, this joy and this presence in their lives.
Aum Sai Shri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai