Better Our World

Baba devoted His entire life in serving humanity. His heart pained at the suffering of the poor and downtrodden. Our NGO SAIBISA takes this humanitarian service through forward Better Our World by adopting slums and villages and giving them all services pertaining to healthcare and hygiene, education, nutritious food and vocational training for a sustainable income.

Kambli of Love

The harsh winters take a toll each year on the slum and pavement dwellers. The Trust has been actively distributing warm clothes, woollens and blankets to the poor and underprivileged section of the society, under its programme, the Kambli of Love. In addition, new warm clothes for children are stitched at a factory in Bengaluru and distributed across North India each winter. Nothing compares to the satisfaction of seeing a broad smile on warm happy faces.

Baba's Handi

Charity was very close to Baba's heart. He always professed to feed the hungry and clad the naked. And so, thinking of the hundreds and thousands of starving souls in the world, Annadaan is carried out from Baba's Handi, the Trust's initiative to feed the hungry. Several ashrams, orphanages, old age homes, leprosy homes, government school children, construction workers and slum dwellers are being provided meals as well as rations on an ongoing basis by the Trust. Di Jaan has taught to not merely feed one time.. but to handhold for a lifetime. The Team works hard to identify ‘neediest of the needy' and then nurture them day by day, week by week, year by year. In addition, little children from the underprivileged strata, who are mentally challenged or disabled and have been forsaken by their parents, are also handed over monthly supplies of rations, clothes and medicines for basic sustenance.

Baba's Jholi:

SAIBISA Team through Baba's Jholi spreads happiness in every possible way. We feed, we nurture, we comfort… ‘Baba's Jholi' is our initiative to provide basic necessities to the needy. Not only do we enable access to regular cooked meals for hundreds of people from malnourished communities, but also sponsor monthly rations and nutrition supplies. Toiletries, health and hygiene essentials such as sanitary napkins, clothes, blankets and medicines are also routinely donated. Across the country, several slums, ashrams, orphanages, old age homes, leprosy homes, government schools and construction workers are being served on an ongoing basis by the Trust.