108 Pearls of Baba Sai

‘108 Pearls of Baba Sai’, is a book of Baba’s messages to us, channeled by Di in meditative trances in a state of complete oneness with Baba.
Baba shared with DiJaan a beautiful Jaap Maala of 108 Pearls that adorns His neck. He has handed over to Di... these Pearls one by one... slowly weaving them back into a Divine Maala for us... every Pearl holds within it such deep wisdom and profundity.
Di has offered us 108 Pearls of Baba Sai, they are the 108 Beads... Pearls of His Rosary. His Jaap Maala. Chant along, get answers to your queries and learn from the Guru directly... the Secrets to Happiness, the Demystifying of the Karmic Laws and the Pathways to Moksha.
In the words of DiJaan Jaya Wahi,
“Baba has asked me to convey each of you His desire, that you must read at least one Message from the Book, every single day. At the same time, He says, He does not expect thoughtless, routine reading!! And so He wishes to make you understand the value, the depth and the relevance of every word, every quote... that you will be reading. Since it is Baba’s Message, I am sharing it exactly as He shared with me. He speaks... I merely type."