Di jaan jaya wahi

Jaya Wahi, dotingly known as Di Jaan, draws her energies from Sai Baba of Shirdi and has dedicated her life to serving people in need. Spiritual Guru, Social Reformist, Healer, Author, Reiki Master & Philanthropist, Di Jaan dons several hats. She is the recipient of ‘The International Education Award' and has been recognised at a global platform by the prestigious House of Commons and House of Lords, UK, for her outstanding contribution to Humanitarian Causes. Read more

SAIBISA initiatives

Sai Baba Is Still Alive Charitable Trust (SAIBISA) was founded by Di Jaan Jaya Wahi in 2014. The NGO immerses itself in a swarm of humanitarian activities such as education of abused, disabled, underprivileged children in reputed residential schools; distribution of food, clothes and other essentials to the less fortunate; and relief and rehabilitation during natural calamities. With a passion for the possibilities created by faith and prayer, and claiming responsibility for the world we live in, SAIBISA aims to serve, heal and better our world.
We, the SAIBISA Family, walk our Baba's Path of goodness, righteousness and seva, live by His beautiful, soulful teachings and internalize our Baba Sai's eternal presence in every breath of our existence. Our purpose is clear..spread smiles, bring light to those engulfed by darkness.

We Heal

SAIBISA Family has 1000 Powerful Healers spread across the world, initiated into Baba's Healing energies by Guru Di Jaan Jaya Wahi. Baba flows through these beautiful healers and heals pain and suffering of all sorts such as disease, mental trauma, financial situations, relationship issues and any condition that needs His divine healing.